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When it comes to reliability and safety, you simply can’t go past Maxilift Vehicle Loading Cranes.

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Unic Truck Mounted Cranes offer the user unbeatable operational advantages as well as a safer workplace.

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A versatile addition to your ute, truck or van, the Tommy Gate liftgate is unrivalled in its field.

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The UNIC Mini Crawler crane will maximize your lifting solutions and provides greater flexibility to the operator.

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Effer, Raise the Value. Effer Truck Mounted Cranes have lifting capacities ranging from 2 TM to 300TM

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Welcome to Maxilift Australia

In every corner of the world, it is our work vehicles that get the job done.
From aerospace to waste management, from Australia to Zimbabwe, trucks and vans are a necessary part of every industry, in every country. To get the most out of your vehicle, to maximise its potential, you need equipment that makes it as efficient and versatile as possible.

We are proud distributors of Maxilift Cranes, Tommy Gate Liftgates, Unic Truck Cranes & Mini Crawlers / Mobile Cranes, as well as the newest addition, Effer knuckleboom cranes. The establishment of partnerships with trusted dealers Australia-wide means that we can offer the highest level of product service available for all our products so that when you invest with us, you can be certain that you will be in good hands.

Our products create unbeatable workload efficiency: one person can do the job of five in a manner that is faster and safer than before. An ordinary pickup truck can become a powerful business machine, broadening the scope of its abilities beyond what was previously thought possible.

With our help, you and your vehicle can get the job done.

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