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TommyGate – Gas Bottle Rack

Maxilift Australia with the help of Obieco Industries have been supplying and installing a unique series of Tommy Gate liftgates to energy company Origin now for almost a year. Over 30 units of the Tommy Gate Railgate with Gas Bottle Racks (GBRs) have been installed onto Origin service trucks.

Tommy Gate liftgates are well-known in Australia as a quality brand of tailgates that are built in the US to very high standards. Packed with safety features the Tommy Gate has always been a popular choice among fleet companies and councils. It’s easy to use and easy to install ‘plug and play’ feature means it is also popular among tradespeople and small businesses too.

Our customers who work with gas bottles need to be conscious of the safety of their drivers, it could be disastrous if something were to go wrong. This particular gate of the Tommy Gate Liftgates series has been designed with this in mind. The safety features included ensure the driver is safe throughout all stages of loading and unloading.

The Tommy Gate GBR has one feature that is exclusive to its brand. The Railgate Safety Trip Bar. This feature immediately stops the upward movement of the platform if any object gets trapped between the platform and the lift gate frame.

These Tommy Gate Liftgates are designed with a frame that is built specifically to hold the gas bottles on, as you can see on our Railgate page here.┬áThe GBRs always come down level to the ground – there’s no opportunity here for the bottles to knock or slip.

The Gas Bottle Rack Lifter has a maximum lifting capacity of 910kg and has a parallel operation lift that ensures safe use. There is also the option to have a cable remote control allowing the operator to keep a safe distance. Customers that have loved this product include: Boral, Origin Energy and Kings Transport.

For more information on this product please call our Tommygate Product Manager, Geoff Shiell on 0409 953 380 or via email at geoff@maxilift.com.au

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