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Customer feature: Boral

Effer 175-3S model

Sold, installed and delivered by SA Effer dealer RGM Maintenance.

The previous truck mounted crane was reaching its 10 year inspection thus Boral decided to invest in a new crane. This would enable them to take on a greater variety of work. Jeff Cichon, Boral’s Manager explained to RGM Maintenance that “the old crane was struggling to lift equipment in close quarters,” thus the decision to upsize was made. The Effer 175-3S comfortably met their requirements for operations and for the truck.

The crane was delivered and installed by South Australia’s Maxilift dealer RGM Maintenance. RGM Maintenance is the exclusive dealer for all Maxilift Australia products in the northern part of South Australia.

Boral has had the knuckle boom crane now for almost 6 months and the operators are very impressed. Jeff noted that “the simple design of the crane meant that everyone from senior tradesmen to younger apprentices could make use of the crane’s capabilities.”

After a follow-up with the customer RGM Maintenance were told that the crane is used now as a multi-purpose tool for Boral’s concrete and crushing plants. “First of all, we can use it to load up the truck with equipment such as buckets for front-end loaders, which we then transport to the quarries and unload on site… We also use the crane within and on the plant itself, whether than means lifting components, replacing screens or performing physical maintenance on the work site.”

The Effer’s radio remote control allows the operators to do delicate jobs. It allows the operators to move a distance from the crane to gain a better vantage point – it’s safer too. Load placement precision is increased which means time saved on the job too.

Check out the Effer 175 knuckle boom crane brochure here or alternatively contact us or a local dealer in your state.