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Hiab acquires Effer crane business

Both Cargotec (Hiab) and Effer have made press releases stating that Hiab have purchased the Effer cane business.

The Hiab press release (found on the Cargotec website) is very flattering of Effer and also clear in its statement –

“Hiab and Effer are both leading and recognised premium brands within their specific crane segments and application areas, endorsed by loyal customers and trusted partners.  

Effer will continue to operate as part of Hiab under its brand and dealer network.”

Mauro Baldassin – Effers long-standing international sales manager – advises us that he is committed as the ongoing “face of Effer” and that there is no change forecast for any of us – ie that we will continue to operate as the Effer dealer network.

Maxilift Australia, with our partners, have rapidly become a top tier supplier in Australia based on our complete range of products, each of which are world renown in their class.

Our ranges including Maxilift Cranes, with many unique models, Cobra, Maxistab, Unic Crane and Mini Crawlers, Tommy Gate, Stellar Tyre Handlers and, of course, Effer, give us a product range not equalled by any other supplier.

Maxilift Australia have invested heavily in developing the highest level of technical support for all our products.

Customers buying any of our products can be assured of our commitment to maintaining that product with parts and technical support throughout its service life.

We look forward to the opportunities this acquisition presents.

Yours faithfully,
Bob Davis                                                   Kymberly Davis
Managing Director                                      General Manager