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When it comes to reliability and safety, you simply can’t go past Maxilift Vehicle Loading Cranes.

Maxilift Australia supplies a wide range of vehicle loading cranes to the Australian market.

The Maxilift crane’s simple operation and reliability makes it Australia’s favourite small crane. The manufacturing process allows us to ‘make’ the crane specific to your needs with a range of additional accessories available like overload protection devices, remote controls and winches.

Maxilift cranes boast unbeatable weight to lifting capacity ratios. The range offers models of capacity from 0.5 TM to 5 TM, with a multiplicity of versions to cover all requirements of construction.

With the latest in safety technology it is easy to see why Maxilift cranes are so popular with thousands of happy customers nationwide: SA’s Department of Transport, Santos, Maritime Safety Queensland, Origin Energy and Fleet Partners, just to name a few.

Maxilift cranes in particular are the perfect addition to your small truck or utility vehicle and can be installed anywhere on the body. Larger models are also available to suit heavier lifting requirements.

Crane Accessories

Maxilift Cranes come with a range of accessories which you can view here or alternatively give us a call for more information.

Among the strengths are:

  • You can install it at any point of the body without shortening and maintaining a high payload
  • Crane unbeatable weight / capacity max. lifting.
  • For each vehicle loading crane model there are several efficient safety systems.
  • Control of fluid movements, progressive, precise and effortlessly in any configuration and for the entire spectrum of load.
  • Excellent protection against corrosion, accuracy of finishing and details.
  • Wide range of models and accessories, each user can configure the crane to suit their needs.
  • Ability to be equipped with remote control reliable, effective, simple to use.
  • Availability of various devices to adapt to different levels of safety as required by the Australian standards.