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Maxilift Australia & Liftability – Article by PowerTorque

Maxilift Australia and our range of quality lifting equipment (Maxilift, Cobra, Maxistab, Tommy Gate, Unic truck cranes and Unic Mini Crawlers, Effer and Stellar Trye Handlers) have been featured in this months CraneTorque magazine.

Article written by Stuart Martin, of PowerTorque.

To read a copy of the article, please click here.

Hiab acquires Effer crane business

Both Cargotec (Hiab) and Effer have made press releases stating that Hiab have purchased the Effer cane business.

The Hiab press release (found on the Cargotec website) is very flattering of Effer and also clear in its statement –

“Hiab and Effer are both leading and recognised premium brands within their specific crane segments and application areas, endorsed by loyal customers and trusted partners.  

Effer will continue to operate as part of Hiab under its brand and dealer network.”

Mauro Baldassin – Effers long-standing international sales manager – advises us that he is committed as the ongoing “face of Effer” and that there is no change forecast for any of us – ie that we will continue to operate as the Effer dealer network.

Maxilift Australia, with our partners, have rapidly become a top tier supplier in Australia based on our complete range of products, each of which are world renown in their class.

Our ranges including Maxilift Cranes, with many unique models, Cobra, Maxistab, Unic Crane and Mini Crawlers, Tommy Gate, Stellar Tyre Handlers and, of course, Effer, give us a product range not equalled by any other supplier.

Maxilift Australia have invested heavily in developing the highest level of technical support for all our products.

Customers buying any of our products can be assured of our commitment to maintaining that product with parts and technical support throughout its service life.

We look forward to the opportunities this acquisition presents.

Yours faithfully,
Bob Davis                                                   Kymberly Davis
Managing Director                                      General Manager

Knuckleboom, Mono-Boom & Telescopic Log Books NOW AVAILABLE!

Daily, quarterly & annual inspections

Why do I have to check my crane each day before use and fill out my log book?

For two reasons:

  1. Safety – It ensures that as the operator of the crane you can use it in complete confidence knowing it is in a safe condition for lifting.
  2. Australian Standards – You are required to inspect your crane and keep a record of inspections and maintenance done on the crane. Australian Standards also require cranes to be inspected annually by a competent person or workshop.

Each log book has (in duplicate carbon) one years’ worth of pre-operation, three, six and nine month inspections as well as the annual inspection checklist.

To order your log book, give us a  call on (08) 8326 6300 or email store@maxilift.com.au.

National After Sales, Parts, Service & Tech Support

You can benefit from Maxilift Australia’s well established National Service Network


National Service Providers

Together with our partners, Maxilift Australia offers over 40 locations across Australia and New Zealand, where your crane can be serviced and maintained to the highest standard by qualified technicians. Our established partnerships, with nationwide factory trained dealers, means you are offered the highest level of technical support and service available for your investment.   

View our National Service Providers here.

Parts & Accessories

Our Head Office is located in Lonsdale, South Australia with a purpose-built spare parts division stocking genuine frequently ordered parts. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to assist with any parts required for your crane or liftgate.
We recommend using original parts, which have been tried, tested and designed to give you the highest quality and performance of your crane or liftgate. This will also increase your uptime and reduce operating costs.

Technical Support

Our factory trained service technicians readily available from our Technical Centre via telephone and email,can assist with all aspects of installation, operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of your crane or liftgate.

Contact us on (08) 8326 6300.

Reach Crane Trucks expands fleet with Maxilift Australia

17/01/2018 – Article by Trailer Magazine:

View the original article here

New South Wales-based business, Reach Crane Trucks, has taken delivery of its sixth Effer crane from Maxilift Australia.

According to Maxilift Australia Sales Engineer, Nathan Deane, Reach Crane Trucks received its Effer 505-6S at its New South Wales-based facility, citing lightweight construction and brand confidence as priority benefits.

“Reach has a long-standing relationship with the team at Maxilift Australia,” Deane said.

“It has purchased a number of Effer cranes in the past and has engaged us to service and maintain its equipment. The company previously had a similar crane model mounted on a trailer and were looking for a new crane truck to service existing customers while offering a fresh value proposition to entice new customers.”

According to Deane, the lightweight construction of the Effer crane means that it can be mounted behind the cabin of a Kenworth K104 rigid, for instance.

“The crane system is 50-tonne per metre, featuring continuous slewing, radio remote control and lifting capabilities of 2,120kg at 16.85m and 8,970kg at 4.78m,” Deane said.

Visit Reach Crane Trucks website here.

Introducing Operations Manager, Ben Castle

Maxilift Australia is pleased to announce that Ben Castle, who has been with the company since 2010, has been appointed as our new Operations Manager.

Ben’s appointment to Operations Manager comes as a planned leadership and growth transition for the business after our 2nd Adelaide branch (at Regency Park) was opened in November last year.

As Operations Manager, Ben will be leading the workshop, parts and store team and focusing on:

  • Customer service
  • Warranty claims
  • Quality control
  • Job priorities in the workshop & store
  • Technical support
  • Technical training programs

Background on Ben Castle:

Starting with Maxilift Australia in 2010 as a General Hand, Ben assisted Managing Director Bob Davis to burglar proof the new premises (three premises’ ago) as the final step in the new ‘small’ family business.

Through the years Ben was developed into the ‘one-and-only’ workshop technician, store and spare parts employee.   As the business grew, and more employees came on board, Ben then managed the store for a number of years.

After excelling in the store, the workshop was calling, and the position of Crane Install Manger was filled by Ben.  After years of being in the store and parts department Ben’s knowledge of our cranes, plus previous skills and experienced gained while working at BG Crane was second to none, and his passion shone through in this side of this business.

Ben’s transition to Operations Manager will be smooth as his experience and expertise across the warehouse, store and workshop will provide you, our customer the highest level of service and support.

Ben can be contacted at Maxilift Australia Head Office on phone (08) 8326 6300 or email operations@maxilift.com.au

Maxilift Australia Opens New Branch in the North of Adelaide

Maxilift Australia are excited to announce the opening of a new location based in the north of Adelaide, located at 501 South Road, Regency Park.  The new location is the next step in the growth of the company and will provide better service to our clients in not only technical support but also with installations, servicing and maintenance of their VLC fleets.    Maxilift Australia’s headquarters are in Lonsdale, South Australia.

“With this new branch we can reduce costs for our northern based customers with the associated travel time that is takes for cranes, trucks and personnel to reach our site in the south” says General Manager, Kymberly Davis.  “Our customers in the north will receive the same service and level of care that is offered from our head office, including greater technical support from personnel with years of experience.   This branch makes Maxilift Australia the only company in Adelaide to service both the north and south”.

Adding another 6 technicians to the team, means that not only will Adelaide customers receive great service, our national dealers and customers will also receive extended support.

The new northern branch of Maxilift Australia will offer servicing on all makes of cranes and lift gates.  With a highly skilled team Maxilift Australia’s Northern Adelaide branch can also offer our customers the option to service their truck at the same time and location as their crane service.

The prominent location in Regency Park gives our experienced sales team the ability to showcase the northern suburbs with just some of the products supported by Maxilift Australia including Maxilift, Unic, Effer Cranes and Tommy Gate Lift Gates.

For more information contact Maxilift Australia on 08 8326 6300 or email office@maxilift.com.au

Effer Knuckle Boom Crane

Customer feature: Boral

Effer 175-3S model

Sold, installed and delivered by SA Effer dealer RGM Maintenance.

The previous truck mounted crane was reaching its 10 year inspection thus Boral decided to invest in a new crane. This would enable them to take on a greater variety of work. Jeff Cichon, Boral’s Manager explained to RGM Maintenance that “the old crane was struggling to lift equipment in close quarters,” thus the decision to upsize was made. The Effer 175-3S comfortably met their requirements for operations and for the truck.

The crane was delivered and installed by South Australia’s Maxilift dealer RGM Maintenance. RGM Maintenance is the exclusive dealer for all Maxilift Australia products in the northern part of South Australia.

Boral has had the knuckle boom crane now for almost 6 months and the operators are very impressed. Jeff noted that “the simple design of the crane meant that everyone from senior tradesmen to younger apprentices could make use of the crane’s capabilities.”

After a follow-up with the customer RGM Maintenance were told that the crane is used now as a multi-purpose tool for Boral’s concrete and crushing plants. “First of all, we can use it to load up the truck with equipment such as buckets for front-end loaders, which we then transport to the quarries and unload on site… We also use the crane within and on the plant itself, whether than means lifting components, replacing screens or performing physical maintenance on the work site.”

The Effer’s radio remote control allows the operators to do delicate jobs. It allows the operators to move a distance from the crane to gain a better vantage point – it’s safer too. Load placement precision is increased which means time saved on the job too.

Check out the Effer 175 knuckle boom crane brochure here or alternatively contact us or a local dealer in your state.

Effer Customer Feature

Effer 315-5S model knuckle boom crane mounted to Isuzu truck.

Wollongong Crane Trucks have been in business for over 20 years. The team services the Illawarra, South Coast and Sydney regions of NSW. This is one company who really takes pride in their ever-growing fleet. The Effer 315-5S is the newest addition to this.

“The first thing they did when they got their Effer 315-5S was go out into the yard and lift the heaviest piece of equipment they had, which weighed in at around 10T… It handled the load without a problem” – The company specialises in the transport and handling of bulky and usually tricky to move items, hence the need for a truck and crane combination that can operate with ease.

Lifting a number of bulky and difficult items with the Effer 315-5S crane including: boats, fibreglass swimming pool, a full size life-saving watchtower, a brand new helicopter valued at $5m and a steel staircase. Transporting the steps gave excellent example of Effer’s precise control. The truck was parked out on the road and the crane lifted the staircase off the truck, through the front door and into place within the newly built house – from there builders could install it.

For more info about the Effer 315-5S please contact head office on 08 8326 6300 or click here to view the brochure.

TommyGate – Gas Bottle Rack

Maxilift Australia with the help of Obieco Industries have been supplying and installing a unique series of Tommy Gate liftgates to energy company Origin now for almost a year. Over 30 units of the Tommy Gate Railgate with Gas Bottle Racks (GBRs) have been installed onto Origin service trucks.

Tommy Gate liftgates are well-known in Australia as a quality brand of tailgates that are built in the US to very high standards. Packed with safety features the Tommy Gate has always been a popular choice among fleet companies and councils. It’s easy to use and easy to install ‘plug and play’ feature means it is also popular among tradespeople and small businesses too.

Our customers who work with gas bottles need to be conscious of the safety of their drivers, it could be disastrous if something were to go wrong. This particular gate of the Tommy Gate Liftgates series has been designed with this in mind. The safety features included ensure the driver is safe throughout all stages of loading and unloading.

The Tommy Gate GBR has one feature that is exclusive to its brand. The Railgate Safety Trip Bar. This feature immediately stops the upward movement of the platform if any object gets trapped between the platform and the lift gate frame.

These Tommy Gate Liftgates are designed with a frame that is built specifically to hold the gas bottles on, as you can see on our Railgate page here. The GBRs always come down level to the ground – there’s no opportunity here for the bottles to knock or slip.

The Gas Bottle Rack Lifter has a maximum lifting capacity of 910kg and has a parallel operation lift that ensures safe use. There is also the option to have a cable remote control allowing the operator to keep a safe distance. Customers that have loved this product include: Boral, Origin Energy and Kings Transport.

For more information on this product please call our Tommygate Product Manager, Geoff Shiell on 0409 953 380 or via email at geoff@maxilift.com.au

Railgate Brochure

Gas Bottle Rack Flyer


Unic 1006 Mini Crawler

Maxilift Australia along with WA Truck and Machinery attended the national CICA conference last week in Perth.

It was the perfect opportunity to show off  the incredible Unic Mini Crawler 1006C – this mobile crane is the biggest on offer on the global market.

This mini crane weighs in at almost 14T and can very nearly lift this weight – the maximum lifting capacity is at 10.14T. At lighter loads the crawler’s boom can extend up to 22.8 metres upwards, horizontally it can extend up to 21.9 metres.

An amazing feature of this Unic crane is that in its compact or stowed position it can be driven through a standard double doorway – it is only 2 metres wide! The pick-and-carry function is also a noteworthy feature for this mobile crane which allows it to travel whilst carrying loads weighing up to 1.5 tonnes.

Safety is important with such a large piece of equipment and this has not been overlooked. Maxilift Australia and Unic have been working closely to ensure that the operator remains safe without impacting on efficiency or power. The crane will be fitted with an LSI Robway load moment indicator system which transmits data wirelessly to a separate display .

Check out our Mini crawler range here or contact the office on 08 8326 6300.


Tommygate Turns 50!


Tommygate celebrates 50 years!

Early in June a few of the team at Maxilift Australia were lucky enough to be invited to help celebrate Tommygate turning 50. Tommygate is still family owned and run, and all of our team were made feel like a part of the family. They all enjoyed celebrating and getting to know some of the team that build Tommygates in the factory. A big thanks goes out to Lila Brown Blandford, TJ Blandford and all the team at Tommygate for letting us join in with the party!

Tommygate liftgates are the perfect solution for your ute or truck. Tow bar and spare wheel compatibility makes them simple to fit. If you need it to work in the harsher of elements we offer a galvanised frame which will protect against these.

Our hydraulic liftgates are the perfect addition to your workforce. Whether you’ve got one ute or a fleet of trucks we will have a Tommygate tailgate to suit your needs. Operators work in safer conditions with a Tommygate, productivity and efficiency also increases. Normally need 2 or 3 people to lift an object into the back of the ute? Tommy can do it and gives you the peace of mind that you won’t need to worry about risk of injury or strain.

Our Tommygate G2 series tailgates have proven to be a popular accessory for the modern day utility vehicle. Utilising a pair of hydraulic cylinders, this liftgate also comes with a remote pendant control as a standard feature. This remote control allows the user full control of raising and lowering the liftgate platform from a short distance.

All of our Tommygate tailgates are in the full range brochure on the Tommygate page. Click here to see all the platform options available to you and to find a Tommygate that will suit your specific needs. If you need further information, contact us now.


Special feature: Maxilift Australia’s Dealer Network

Trailer magazine featured us this month and talked about our Australia-wide dealer network for Effer knuckle boom cranes, Maxilift cranes and Unic cranes as well as our Tommygate liftgates.

It’s a great read – check it out below or click the link to view the printed version!

Trailer Magazine – April feature


Surrounded with service


Following the addition of the Italian brand Effer to its portfolio, crane specialist Maxilift Australia has carefully cultivated a nationwide network of dealerships to match the company’s high quality service.   

Excitement is building behind the scenes at Maxilift. With the recent addition of Effer’s knuckle boom crane range to its product offering, the crane experts has now turned its attention to its service network, searching the country for Australia’s most experienced crane service centres to distribute the globally renowned brand.

Now, Maxilift has created a list of partnerships with crane distributors in all major states and regional areas, each with the capacity, knowledge and passion to successfully look after its customers nationwide.

“The establishment of these new partnerships means we can offer the highest level of product service available in Australia for Effer cranes, which are the most technologically advanced cranes on the market,” says Bob Davis, Managing Director of Maxilift Australia.

The capacity of Effer knuckle boom cranes ranges from 2tm to 300tm, providing an option for practically any vehicle loading application. The high quality of its products has bolstered Effer’s reputation, making it easier for Maxilift to source willing distribution partners. However, Maxilift also took great care selecting companies, wanting to ensure each one was capable of delivering the high levels of customer service that the company expects.

Perth-based Cranetech Australia has been successfully supplying Western Australia with Effer cranes for the last 10 years. “Cranetech has been a great support for Maxilift and Vic Crane Sales & Service which now has exclusive rights to the Effer brand in Victoria and Tasmania,” says Bob – adding that Maxilift exclusively distributes the Effer range in South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory through the new dealer network.

According to Bob, longstanding Maxilift dealer North Queensland Engineering and Fabrication (NQEF) has proven itself capable of servicing Cairns and the surrounding regions. “NQEF has been an active dealer for Maxilift Cranes and Tommy Gate for several years, and now they have taken on exclusive distribution for UNIC and Effer brands in far north Queensland,” explains Bob.

One of the most recent additions to the Maxilift network is NQEF’s neighbour RGM Maintenance, which has branches in Brisbane, Townsville, Adelaide and Darwin, “RGM has always brought high levels of enthusiasm and passion to their work, which is why we know they are a great fit for us,” says Bob – revealing that the RGM site in Brisbane will serve as a base for Maxilift Australia’s Queensland sales staff.

Nabil Fahmy, Director of ROC Hydraulics in Sydney says that joining forces with Maxilift will allow both companies to grow. “We wanted to meld with a reliable partner that’s committed to our industry and that has world class products. Maxilift is the perfect fit,” says Nabil – noting that the ROC Hydraulics base in the west Sydney suburb of Arndell Park now provides installation and technical support to the state capital, with T&I Hydraulics taking care of the Newcastle and Midcoast region.

In the west of New South Wales, Maxilift has partnered with special purpose body builder Obieco Industries based in Tamworth. Anthony Steel, Director of Obieco, carefully considered the opportunity before signing on, wanting to ensure that partnering with Maxilift and the Effer brand would benefit the company.

“We cannot afford to have a supplier who is not totally committed to the highest level of product support and who has the experience and desire to deliver it,” says Anthony. “Nobody has a more experienced support team or better coverage than the Effer Australia team. They have ticked all the boxes for us.” Fully committed to the brand, Obieco sent its head installer out to the Effer factory in Italy along with Maxilift’s most senior technical staff member, where they both became accredited with Effer’s ‘Train the Trainer’ program.


Alongside its range of cranes to suit just about any materials handling purpose, Maxilift Australia has now created a network of passionate distributors that are dedicated to providing the best quality service to its customers Australia-wide. “The Maxilift service is all about putting the needs of our customers first – that is what’s important to us and that’s all there is to it,” Bob concludes.

Effer Cranes in Adelaide

A long term and highly valued Maxilift customer, OR Transport are based in Adelaide’s south. They have been in the crane/transport industry for 25 years now, mainly servicing the construction sector.

Their crane of choice is the Effer 135/4S knuckle boom crane. Knuckle boom cranes are typically used for any type of loading/unloading work. OR Transport love their Effer knuckle boom crane and use it especially for timber deliveries as seen in the images above.

Jennifer Suursar, Director of OR Transport says that they “have chosen to use Effer as our crane for timber deliveries because of the quality, cost and service which Maxilift offer.”

Effer knuckle boom cranes are market leaders in cranes designed for auger and pole standing work. Certain models are built with a heavy duty inner boom that absorbs the stresses of auger work.

Email us at admin@maxilift.com.au to get in contact with your local dealer or head to our contact page and find the dealer that’s best for you!





Unic Truck Crane at Work

We had one of our own cranes come back and carry out some work in our yard recently. This Unic truck crane proved to be the perfect solution for putting up our new verandahs.

Unic truck cranes are perfect for a range of applications including steel erection, signage work and jobs that require precision load placement. They take up no more chassis space than a folding boom crane – they can be stored over the cab or the tray – whichever is preferred.

Their lifting capacity ranges from smaller cranes at 4TM up to larger vehicle loading cranes with maximum lifting capacity of 20TM.

The Unic cranes are built with a telescopic boom. It gives the operator precise, high-lift placement. Precision means safety for all and is an important feature for any piece of heavy equipment.

Go to the official Unic website here for more info or go to our contacts page and find your local Unic dealer.