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Ongoing Support & Training

Did you know?

At Maxilift Australia we take particular pride in our ongoing support of you, your operators and your Vehicle Loading Crane (VLC).

As VLC’s are considered high risk plant, it is incredibly important to ensure that you and your operators stay up to date with your training and understanding of the use and maintenance of your crane. This is particularly important if you have new operators in your business, or if your operator has been asked to use an unfamiliar piece of equipment.

As part of our ongoing support, Maxilift Australia are always happy to conduct re-familiarisation training with you and your operators.

If you would like a refresher, you can fill out our contact form, and one of our Crane and Lift Gate Specialists will get back to you ASAP.

How does the Maxilift Australia Service Network work?

As you may know, the service and support network for Maxilift Australia and our products is Australia wide. We work with a large number of excellent companies to ensure that you get the absolute best service for your crane or tailgate.

In order to become an authorised service agent for our products, these companies must attend hands on technical and troubleshooting training courses, run by factory trained technicians, ensuring capability and understanding of our products.

As part of our ongoing support for both you, and these excellent service agents, we are excited to share our updated website, including an easy to use “find my service agent” as well as an online service and repairs booking form.

We hope that with this new tool, you will find it easier to find your closest authorised agent – wherever you are in Australia.

Maxilift Australia and our Australia wide Service Agents offer servicing of all makes of Cranes and Liftgates.

Our entire service network is dedicated to helping you maintain your cranes optimal and safe condition.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the Australia wide Maxilift Australia Service Agents soon.

Telescopic or Knuckleboom…

Which crane is best?

Telescopic Boom Advantages

Buildings, walls, whatever, with Unic wire-rope cranes you get precise high-lift placement and safe, sure operation. Their dependability is all in their strength and design, original Unic features.

Higher performance, too, at lower depths. Unic wire-rope cranes handle heavy loads in deep-hole jobs with accuracy and stability. A wide range of models assures versatile matching to job requirements.

Tight places are the right places for Unic wire-rope cranes. In any operating situation their strong steel cables mean extra dependability and safety. High, low or tight, Unic wire-rope cranes are always right.

An 8TM Unic easily lifts a 3 tonne cable drum. This is not possible even with a 9TM knuckle boom crane.

The lift curve graph of a typical 9TM knuckle boom crane (below) shows it cannot – in practice – lift a 3 tonne load onto the tray.

KnuckleBoom Advantages

Knuckleboom cranes are very widely used in Australia.
Their typical application is delivery trucks i.e. loading/unloading work.

Effer knuckleboom cranes are also market leaders in cranes designed for earth auger and pole standing work.

Certain models are built with a heavy duty inner boom to absorb the stresses of auger work. With large capacity cranes (usually over 30TM) nothing matches the up and over reach ability of a hydraulic luffing (raise and lower) fly jib.

Fly jibs and big capacity cranes are an Effer specialty.

Caution – Lift Curve Grafts

Applies to Knuckleboom Cranes Only

All knuckle boom cranes with fixed hooks depend on their boom luffing (raising/lowering) cylinders to raise a load.

The angle of that cylinder to the boom greatly influences the leverage of the cylinder and– with that – the boom’s ability to lift the rated load.

Below is a typical 9 Tonne Metre Knuckle Boom lift curve chart. It shows you can lift 2,860kg at 3 metres. However, once the hook passes 2 metres above mounting level, the leverage drops away as does the crane’s ability to continue lifting that load any higher.

One solution is a linkage system between boom and column and the first and second boom.

Not every manufacturer offers this system or it may be available on certain models only.

Here are 2 near identical 17TM Effer cranes, one without twin link system and the second one with twin links.

Note the 175 with twin links will lift 5,050kg to 11 metres height of hook (1)

Whilst the 175 without the lever advantage can only place 3,160kg to the same height (2)

At reach, the 175 with links will place 1,255kg at 10 metre radius and 11 metre height of hook (3)

Whilst the non-link crane is 1,200kg at 8m radius for the same height (4)

So, Which Crane is Best?

Telescopic or Knucleboom..

It really does depend on the type of work you need to do. If this information has left you unsure, talk to us. We can certainly help with expert advice and working demonstrations.

Wrap up your Maxilift

During the current COVID-19 restrictions, your Maxilift crane may be temporarily out of action and you may be forced to store you crane out in the elements for long periods of time, you might want to consider protection from the harsh outdoors.

Designed to shield your Maxilift crane from exposure to tough conditions such as harsh UV rays, rain showers and the odd bird assault!

The covers are designed to cover the crane and the control valve bank.

To get a quote for yours today, phone 08 8326 6300 or email parts@maxilift.com.au with your crane model and serial number.

How to select a crane size

VLC’s (vehicle loading cranes) are measured with the term Tonne Metre (T.M.). This is a measurement of force rather than weight.

The rated load x rated distance = the Tonne Metre capacity of that crane.

For example: You will notice that all the weights on the load chart x the distance will come up with a similar figure – just dropping slightly the further out you go.

ie. 0.95T x 2.26m = 2.15 Tonne Metre & 0.5T x 4.2m = 2.10 Tonne Metre

Why is this so?

A crane must lift the weight of its boom before it lifts the load. So the longer the boom, the greater the ‘fall off’ of Tonne Metre at reach.

Handy Tip:

Don’t buy more boom than necessary for your work. It costs money to buy, uses fuel and payload to carry and reduces the lift capacity of your crane.

One example of this is a typical 30TM crane with 3 boom sections reaching around 10.6m – such a crane has a capacity of 29TM.

With 6 boom extensions, reaching around 17m, the same crane is now down to 27.4TM – and weighs 440kg more.

Caution: Heavy (in close) lifts have a complication.

If we say that we need to lift 2 tonne at 3 metres, we would look for a 6 tonne metre crane. But with high or long slung loads, this calculation can lead to an embarrassment!

You would need a crane rated at 6 tonne metres or better to do the job BUT it is important to consider the physical size of the load you are lifting. For example, look at Figure 1 below.

To handle a high load of near crane capacity, the inner boom must be vertical (or near to vertical), and the outer boom pointing down, with the hook above the centre of the load.

In this configuration, only the outer boom can be raised. The operator may not get sufficient hook height to clear the base of the load over the tray body.

The resulting increase in the radius can be substantial and is often sufficient to over pressurize the luff rams and to activate the overload protection (if fitted) which may prevent the crane moving into the required position.

With our example of 2 tonne at 3 metres, if the load or sling length causes the hook to be so high that the inner boom cannot be used for the lift, then probably an 8 tonne metre crane would be the size required.

A winch rope crane will give a vertical lift as seen in Figure 2 (therefore no increase in radius), so this consideration is not applicable to UNIC & Cobra telescopic boom cranes fitted with winches.

Statement from Maxilift Australia re COVID-19

Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, the Italian Government has enacted stringent lockdown measures until 3rd April, including closing all factories in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We have been in communication with our factories (Maxilift and Effer) and they confirm that while they must close production, they have had no cases of the virus and remain healthy, a great relief to all of us!

Locally, it’s business as usual.

We anticipate very little disturbance to our supply as a result of this, as we have over 400 Cranes and Tommy Gates in stock, as well as 140 mixed units currently in transit.

Our technicians are factory trained and available to offer technical support via phone, email, or Facetime.

And our Spare Parts department are ready to take your calls and help to ensure that your customers remain active throughout this time.

Stay Safe.

Maxilift Australia Lonsdale Warehouse

Effer STEADY Remote: the perfect partner for your work

Steady is designed to have everything under control and to work better.

Much lighter than other remote controls in the same category, it allows you to operate in low light conditions and ensures the maximum comfort during all the work day.

Conceived and designed on the basis of tens of expert crane operators, Steady means maximum ergonomics, precision and user friendliness. Steady is compatible with important functions of Progress 2.0 such as DLC (Dynamic Load Chart).

For more information about Effers click here.

Cargo Van V2 Series – Tommy Gate

The new internal van lift!

The V2 Series is the newest in the Tommy Gate line of internal van lifters, and comes standard with:
• Platform Auto Open & Close
• Dual-Function Control
• Retention Ramp
• Flat-Loading Taper
• Aluminium Treadplate Bridge Mounts
• Low-Profile Pump & Motor Box

The latest in liftgate technology, the V2 Series by Tommy Gate provides the maximum platform loading area while occupying the smallest possible space when stored in the rear of the van.

The V2 combines sleek modern engineering with hands-free platform open and close, built-in cart retention ramp, and 500kg of lifting capacity.

For more information give us a call on (08) 8326 6300 or call your local Tommy Gate Specialist – click here for contact details.

Maxilift – ML110 Lite with remote

New ML110 with 3 function fully proportional radio remote control as standard.

Unique benefits include:
• 3 Function proportional push button ‘lite’ remote system
• Integrated powerpack and control station for compact installation
• Compact and lightweight
• Two or three hydraulic booms for extra reach

The new LITE remote system is more cost effective than previous remote systems while maintaining all the proportional functionality and advantages that come with having a remote control.

The ML110 is packed with unique benefits, to name a few – Powerpack and valve bank all in the same box, compact and light weight, unique options like Maxilift’s quick release base, three hydraulic booms to reach that little bit further, and many different stabiliser options.

Introducing – Unic Mini Crawler – Eco

Measuring just 750mm wide!, the new Eco Mini Crawler is designed for interior access and retains all the lifting power of our standard models without compromising on operational efficiency.
• 2.9T x 1.4m Capacity
• Max working radius at 8.41m
• Easily wheeled within tight spaces
• Powered by rechargeable battery
• Radio remote control as standard
• Intelligent voice warning system

Introducing the latest in mini crawler crane engineering, the Unic battery powered Eco-Unic model provides fume-free lifting for sensitive environments.

Ideal for food processing plants, airports, clean environments and even cruise ships, this unique mini crawler is powered by a rechargeable battery with no diesel emissions impacting on the surrounding atmosphere.

Measuring just 750mm wide, the new Eco Mini is designed for interior access and retains all the lifting power of our standard models without compromising on operational efficiency.

Alongside cutting-edge technology, this innovative machine is the first Mini Crawler to feature low marking wheels for ultimate manoeuvrability when working on light-coloured or polished floor surfaces, making it the ideal choice for shopping centres, galleries, hospitals and more.

Pre-order yours now! Phone (08) 8326 6300.

Introducing – MaxiJib – The Perfect Lift

The perfect balance between compactness and high performance!  

The ML380 and ML510 models can now be purchased equipped with the unique MaxiJib feature.  The Maxijib is ideal for installation on light and medium vehicles, and will allow the operator to work at heights and in tight spaces with extreme precision and safety.

  • ML510 Maxijib – Achieving a height of 9.1m, and a further 5m of lateral reach
  • ML380 Maxijib – Achieving a height of 8.1m, and a further 5m of lateral reach
  • Maxilift’s Superior Stability Control System
  • Proportional 6 function valve bank with multi-function remote control

With the ML510 Maxijib having a max height of 9.1m up and 5m in, those hard to get to jobs will be made easy. If height is all you want than the ML510 has a max working height of 11.9m and the ML380, 11m.  

Both Maxijib cranes come standard with the Maxilift Crane Base for easy installation, and a lap style radio remote control for the upmost precision while operating.  

All flyjib cranes comes standard with a lap style radio remote control for the upmost precision why operating.  

To download the Maxijib brochure, please click here.

A Decade: Celebrating 10 years of Maxilift Australia

Maxilift Australia held a gala dinner at the Stamford Grand Hotel, Glenelg, South Australia on November 23 2019, to celebrate a major milestone, 10 years of business.   

Launching on 20 November 2009, with 3 staff, 1 container of stock, 700 square meters of premises, and two products that included Next Hydraulics and Tommy Gate, we have grown substantially over the past 10 years, and can now boast a $100m total turnover, 35 employees Australia wide, over 40 service and installation locations and 5 great products.

To say that I am grateful and humbled by my team’s success over the past ten years would be an enormous understatement,” said Bob Davis, Managing Director of Maxilift Australia. “I am equally grateful to all of the people who supported us along the way, including our dealers, overseas suppliers service agents and customers. That said, we’re just getting warmed up—our best days are ahead of us.” 

During the evening we were honoured to be able to present six of our team with awards recognising 7 years of service; as well as a fantastic retirement presentation to Tony Kelemen who was celebrated by all in the room for his wonderful effort as a faithful employee of Maxilift Australia

Cranetech Australia Pty Ltd were also gifted a Maxilift M50 crane, serial number 30,000 for their enormous efforts of ‘the largest number of Maxilift Cranes sold over the last 10 year’.

We were so proud and honoured to be able to celebrate this milestone with some many of our friends: suppliers, customers and staff alike.

The festivities continued on into Sunday where our international guest suppliers (Next Hydraulics, Tommy Gate and Unic) along with some interstate and local customers enjoyed the South Australia’s famous wine region McLaren Vale. 

Please see below for photos of a fabulous evening.

Clicking on the photos will enlarge. You can then click left or right to view more photos.

Maxilift Australia & Liftability – Article by PowerTorque

Maxilift Australia and our range of quality lifting equipment (Maxilift, Cobra, Maxistab, Tommy Gate, Unic truck cranes and Unic Mini Crawlers, Effer and Stellar Trye Handlers) have been featured in this months CraneTorque magazine.

Article written by Stuart Martin, of PowerTorque.

To read a copy of the article, please click here.

Hiab acquires Effer crane business

Both Cargotec (Hiab) and Effer have made press releases stating that Hiab have purchased the Effer cane business.

The Hiab press release (found on the Cargotec website) is very flattering of Effer and also clear in its statement –

“Hiab and Effer are both leading and recognised premium brands within their specific crane segments and application areas, endorsed by loyal customers and trusted partners.  

Effer will continue to operate as part of Hiab under its brand and dealer network.”

Mauro Baldassin – Effers long-standing international sales manager – advises us that he is committed as the ongoing “face of Effer” and that there is no change forecast for any of us – ie that we will continue to operate as the Effer dealer network.

Maxilift Australia, with our partners, have rapidly become a top tier supplier in Australia based on our complete range of products, each of which are world renown in their class.

Our ranges including Maxilift Cranes, with many unique models, Cobra, Maxistab, Unic Crane and Mini Crawlers, Tommy Gate, Stellar Tyre Handlers and, of course, Effer, give us a product range not equalled by any other supplier.

Maxilift Australia have invested heavily in developing the highest level of technical support for all our products.

Customers buying any of our products can be assured of our commitment to maintaining that product with parts and technical support throughout its service life.

We look forward to the opportunities this acquisition presents.

Yours faithfully,
Bob Davis                                                   Kymberly Davis
Managing Director                                      General Manager

Knuckleboom, Mono-Boom & Telescopic Log Books NOW AVAILABLE!

Daily, quarterly & annual inspections

Why do I have to check my crane each day before use and fill out my log book?

For two reasons:

  1. Safety – It ensures that as the operator of the crane you can use it in complete confidence knowing it is in a safe condition for lifting.
  2. Australian Standards – You are required to inspect your crane and keep a record of inspections and maintenance done on the crane. Australian Standards also require cranes to be inspected annually by a competent person or workshop.

Each log book has (in duplicate carbon) one years’ worth of pre-operation, three, six and nine month inspections as well as the annual inspection checklist.

To order your log book, give us a  call on (08) 8326 6300 or email store@maxilift.com.au.