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Unic Mini Crawlers or Mobile Cranes

The UNIC Mini Crawler crane will maximize your lifting solutions and provides greater flexibility to the operator.


One of our mobile cranes or a mini crawler

UNIC Mini Crawler Cranes are respected worldwide for being the best compact and mobile cranes.

We have several options for mobile cranes with lifting capacities ranging from 1 to 10 tonnes.

See below for the Spec Overview.

UNIC mini cranes are highly regarded in the crane industry as they are designed to be the most useful and manoeuvrable piece of lifting equipment available worldwide.

The outriggers on these mobile cranes provide multi-angle configurations so that the crane can be set up in the best position for the particular job you are doing. This configuration gives you maximum stability and added flexibility when working in those tighter work areas.

Our mini crawler cranes are used within organisations in the construction, glazing, plant maintenance, and road-works. Other niche markets include cemeteries, pole placement and work at heights. These mobile cranes even get used for art gallery and museum installations!

Check out our UNIC Mini Crawlers at work in our Mini Crawler Crane Brochure.

Small & Large Mobile Cranes

Our mobile cranes are perfect for whenever you need a crane for a small area or where access is restricted.  Our smaller mobile cranes can fit through a standard single sized doorway. Our smallest Mini Crawler is just 600mm wide. Our larger mobile cranes can fit through a regular double size doorway and measure 1380mm wide.

The largest Unic Mini Crawler crane, the 1006C, is the world’s largest mobile crane and has a lifting capacity of up to 10 tonnes. Despite its size and power, the crane can still be driven through a double sized doorway in its stowed position. This mobile crane is currently unrivalled in the global market making it a great addition to any workforce.


Safety is paramount in the workplace which is why Unic mini crawlers have standard features including radio remote control, load meter, three-coloured lamp and an automatic stop device for overloading – all to ensure maximum safety for the operator.


With options for fly-jibs and searcher hooks, you can get even more reach and lifting capacity out of your Unic mini crawler crane – just speak to a Maxilift Australia representative for further advice on which mobile crane will best suit your needs.

Please feel free to check out our range of Unic Mini Crawlers below, or contact us for more information about our mobile cranes.

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Spec Overview

ModelLifting CapacityMax Working Radius (m)Max Hook Height (m)Width (mm)Height (mm)Length (mm)Mass of Crane (kg)
UR-W094C0995T x 1.5m5.175.6595129018701000
UR-W295C2.93T x 1.4m8.418.8600137526901850
UR-W376C3.03T x 2.5m14.4514.91300180043403860
UR-W546C4.05T x 2.5m15.5216.01380203548704920
UR-W547C4.05T x 2.5m17.8318.21380198049555020
UR-W706C6.05T x 3.0m18.6019.51670218556107920
UR-W1006C10.14T x 3.0m21.9322.820002460606013,800

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